The Mounties: Best Game Show

The Mounties: Best Game Show

EMMITSBURG, Md. – The 2012-13 school year is almost upon us, but before we look ahead it is time for one more Mountie Award. After taking a look at the Best Student-Athlete Introduction Videos, the Best "This Week In Mount Athletics" episodes, the Best Home Event Promos, the Best Major Event promos and the Best Holiday Videos, we will look at our Best Mount Game Shows.

We started our Mount Game Show Network in 2010-11 with our "Minute To Win It: Siblings Edition" and we continued the tradition in 2011-12 with the "Just Dating Game" and the "Mount Sports Feud." The "Just Dating Game" was a variation of the popular game show "The Newlywed Game" while the "Mount Sports Feud" was our take on "The Family Feud." We hope to continue the Mount Game Show Network with these new classics or we might just have to add a new shape to the network in the form of a pyramid.

Last week, we gave away another Mountie with the softball team taking the honor for the second time with its Halloween video of the Mount Coaches. The group also won the Video Halloween Costume Contest in the fall and it still waiting for the treat.

We would like to congratulate our previous winners of Mounties:
Best Student-Athlete Intro Video: Courtney Griffith, Women's Swimming
Best Episode of Mount Athletics: Amanda Atwood & Alexandria Proffitt, Cheerleading
Best Home Event Promo: Oliver Brown & Dan Kenny, Men's Basketball
Best Major Event Promo: Men's Golf In NCAA Regionals
Best Holiday Video: Mount Softball Coaches (Halloween)

Take a look at the four nominees below for the Best Game Show and then vote for the one that you think was the best. Voting ends on August 21 at 12 p.m.

What was the best Game Show?
The Just Dating Game: Episode 1
The Justing Dating Game: Episode 2
The Mount Sports Feud: Episode 1
The Mount Sports Feud: Episode 2

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