Mount Men's Tennis Falls To Fairleigh Dickinson 4-2 In NEC Quarterfinals

Mount Men's Tennis Falls To Fairleigh Dickinson 4-2 In NEC Quarterfinals

West Windsor, NJ (April 20, 2018) - Freshman, Jackson Wood and Senior, Brandon Wortkotter recroded singles flight wins but the Mount St. Mary's men's tennis team fell to Fairleigh Dickinson 4-2 in Northeast Conference Quarterfinal action on Friday afternoon. 

Wortkotter/Wood fought hard in the number one doubles flight but was edged 7-6 by Pietsch/Gudins. The Knights took the third flight of doubles 6-4 over the freshman duo of Evan Hine and Parth Sharma. The number two flight of doubles did not finish because the point from doubles play was already clinched. Wortkotter finished his career second overall all-time in doubles victories with 69, only behind Austin Blake (71) by two.

 The Mountaineers took the first two flights in singles action but dropped the number three, five, and six flights. Wood defeated Pietsch 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 in the first flight and Wortkotter topped Gudins 6-4, 6-3 in the second flight. Wood finished his first collegiate season with 18 single flight victories to lead Mount St. Mary's. Gabriel Santos and Chris Lindsey each won their first set in the respective flights but lost the next two sets. The fourth flight when unfinished because Fairleigh Dickinson had already clinched the match win.

The Mount finished the 2017-18 season with a 6-15 record with a 2-5 in NEC play.

Fairleigh Dickinson 4, Mount St. Mary's 2

Doubles competition

1. PIETSCH, Niclas/GUDINS, Andris (FDU) def. WORTKOTTER, Brandon/WOOD, Jackson (MSM) 7-6 (8-6)
2. CHAN, Adam/BUDINSZKY, Moric (FDU) vs. SANTOS, Gabriel/ARMSTRONG, Jean (MSM) 5-6, unfinished
3. BOURNE, William/AUTUCH, Maciej (FDU) def. HINE, Evan/SHARMA, Parth (MSM) 6-4

Singles competition

1. WOOD, Jackson (MSM) def. PIETSCH, Niclas (FDU) 4-6, 6-4, 6-3
2. WORTKOTTER, Brandon (MSM) def. GUDINS, Andris (FDU) 6-4, 6-3
3. AUTUCH, Maciej (FDU) def. SHARMA, Parth (MSM) 6-3, 6-4 (7-4)
4. CHAN, Adam (FDU) vs. ARMSTRONG, Jean (MSM) 2-6, 7-6, 6-6, unfinished
5. BUDINSZKY, Moric (FDU) def. SANTOS, Gabriel (MSM) 1-6, 7-6 (7-2), 6-2
6. BOURNE, William (FDU) def. LINDSEY, Chris (MSM) 3-6, 6-0, 6-2