Four Mountaineers To Compete In The Men's ITA Atlantic Regional Tournament

Four Mountaineers To Compete In The Men's ITA Atlantic Regional Tournament

Lynchburg, Va. | Cooks Tennis Center
October 19 - 24

Thursday 11:00 AM start - 2 rounds of singles qualifying
Friday 9:00 AM start – Round of 64 Doubles; Round of 128 Singles
Saturday 9:00 AM start - Round of 32 and 16 Doubles; Round of 64 Singles
Sunday 9:00 AM start – Round of 8 Doubles; Round of 32 and 16 Singles
Monday 10:00 AM start – Doubles Semifinals and Finals; Singles Quarterfinals
Tuesday 10:00 AM start – Singles Semifinals and Finals


Four Mountaineers will compete in the ITA Atlantic Regional tournament at Liberty University starting Thursday, October 19 at 11:00 AM. Senior, Brandon Wortkotter and freshman, Jackson Wood will compete in the main draw of singles action. Sophomore, Jean Armstrong and freshman, Parth Sharma will compete in the qualifying draw of singles. If they qualify, the two of them will play in the main draw of singles with Wortkotter and Wood. The duos of Wortkotter/Wood and Armstrong/Sharma will compete in the doubles draw in the tournament as well.

Wortkotter enters with a record of 8-3 after winning the No. 2 singles flight title at the Bucknell Invitational and the flight A singles title at the Mount Invitational. Wood comes in with a 7-2 record after he earned his first career victory at the Bucknell invitational and won second place in flight A singles competition in the Mount Invitational. Armstrong is 3-5 on the year so far and Sharma is 5-4 after he picked up his first career win at the Bucknell Invitational as well.

Singles victories: Brandon Wortkotter (8), Jackson Wood (7), Parth Sharma (4)
Doubles victories: Jackson Wood (9), Zachary Burau (7), Jean Armstrong (5)
Duo victories: Armstrong/Wood (3), Burau/Wood (3), Wood/Wortkotter (3)

The Mount men will travel to Navy for the Navy Invitational beginning Friday, October 27.