Prospective Student-Athletes

In an effort to advise prospective student-athletes, NCAA rules and regulations prohibit coaches and administrative personnel from sending letters or electronic mail to high school students until after September 1 of their junior year in high school.

While we are not permitted to write or e-mail high school students if they are not eligible per the above restriction, high school students are permitted to telephone coaches and administrators prior to the completion of their junior year in high school, but only at the high school student's expense.

Those who are freshmen or sophomores in high school are also permitted to contact the admissions office for information regarding Mount St. Mary's University and its academic programs.

ADVISORY: If you are a student-athlete enrolled at another four-year institution or if you have been enrolled at another four-year institution in the last year, NCAA rules and regulations strictly prohibit us from having any communication with you, directly or indirectly, until the institution grants our institution permission to contact you. You may obtain this permission to contact at the compliance office of your current or previous institution.

Commitment to Rules Compliance

Mount St. Mary's University administrators, coaches, staff, and student-athletes are expected to adhere to all University, conference, and NCAA rules and regulations. As a part of this commitment to rules compliance, the Compliance Director conducts monthly rules reviews with the coaching staff. In addition, student-athletes are given a NCAA rules summary presentation at each pre-season team meeting. If a student-athlete has any questions regarding NCAA regulations or concerns pertaining to possible rules violations, please contact the Director of Compliance as soon as possible.

NCAA Rules and Regulations

As a member of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), Mount Saint Mary's University is committed being in compliance with the many rules and regulations of this organization. Student-athletes must share in this responsibility. The following is a summary of some of the rules which affect the eligibility of student-athletes. Any questions about NCAA rules and regulations should be directed to Lily Otu, Director of Compliance and Student-Athlete Development/SWA (301-447-6782).


A student-athlete in an NCAA Division I program has four seasons of eligibility for intercollegiate competition in each sport and must complete his/her seasons within five calendar years beginning with the semester that the student first registered as a full-time student in any collegiate institution. A year of eligibility is used as soon as an individual takes part in any competition, including scrimmages, at any two or four-year institution. All student-athletes must:

  • Maintain amateur status in order to compete.
  • Submit all required forms to the Athletic Trainer and must receive medical clearance from the Athletic Trainer in order to practice or compete.
  • Complete and sign an NCAA Student-Athlete Statement and Drug Testing Consent Form each year. Foreign student-athletes must complete an International Student Form as well.
  • Maintain full-time enrollment status.
  • Be certified as academically eligible to compete.

In order to practice and compete during their freshman year, all student-athletes must be registered with, and certified as eligible by the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse.

The NCAA Eligibility Center also includes an amateurism certification section that is used to determine the amateur status of domestic and international freshman and transfer prospective student-athletes initially enrolling at NCAA Divisions I member institutions on or after August 1, 2007.

Eligibility Center Website
NCAA Amateurism Certification Information
Recruiting Calendars
A Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

Transfer Eligibility

Transferring to a Division I school usually requires a one year residency period prior to granting eligibility for participation in competition. There are waivers available to eliminate this requirement (not in the sports of basketball and football), however proper documentation must be on file in the Athletics Department before eligibility can be established. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to discuss his/her transfer situation with the appropriate sport coach and the Associate Athletics Director.

The Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete contains more information regarding the NCAA transfer regulations.

Eligibility for International Student-Athletes

The following NCAA websites may be helpful in obtaining the eligibility of international student-athletes
NCAA Publications
International Student-Athletes' Guide to U.S. Higher Education


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