Mount St. Mary's Strength and Conditioning


The Mount St. Mary’s strength and conditioning program aims develop student-athletes’ through the following key principles.

1.) Reduce the risk of injury – injuries cannot be completely prevented in sports. We aim to decrease our athletes’ chances of injury.

2.) Maximize athletic ability – year round training programs developed and implemented under the supervision of the head strength and conditioning coach focus on the development of strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility and sport specific conditioning.

3.) Education – we aim to teach our athletes not only the “how” but the “why” as well. We want our athletes to understand why we train the way we do and how it will directly impact their performance on the playing surface.

The philosophy of the Mount Saint Mary’s strength and conditioning program is to develop and implement safe and progressive sport-specific training programs that prepare student-athletes for the high demands of Division I athletics. The strength staff focuses on ground based multi-joint lifts to increase strength and power and will supplement various types of training to add variety to the student-athletes’ training protocols.

All varsity student-athletes train out of the newly renovated Tom Wilhide Varsity Weight Room. The facility consists of 6 hammer half racks, 3 hammer iso-lateral row machines, 2 hammer pulldown machines, dumbbells ranging 5lbs to 120lbs. In addition, training ropes, sleds and tires provide the strength staff the ability to add variety to the student-athlete’s training programs.