Mount St. Mary's University Sports Hall of Fame

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2019 Mount St. Mary's University Sports Hall of Fame Inductees
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Established by the National Alumni Association in 1971, the Athletic Hall of Fame annually recognizes former Mount student athletes who “have exhibited athletic prowess of an outstanding nature in an intercollegiate sport.”

Over the years, alumni and coaches from such sports as basketball, baseball, cross country, soccer, track, tennis, lacrosse, decathlon, field hockey, softball, golf and football have been honored.  Since 1971, 150 student athletes, eight coaches, four teams and three supporters of Mount athletic programs have been inducted. 

The late Monsignor John L. Sheridan, former president of the Mount, had the distinction of being the first athlete elected to membership into the Hall of Fame. A versatile athlete, Monsignor Sheridan was captain of the Mount basketball team and an all-Maryland football player. He graduated from the College in 1917 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1921.

Also among the men, women and teams honored are former Mount basketball coach Jim Phelan and current track and field coach Jim Deegan, which is only fitting as the two have combined to coach over one-third of the other inductees.

A complete listing, in chronological order of their year of induction, of the current Hall of Fame members follows (P - Prep School; C - College; S - Seminary):

Monsignor John L. Sheridan C'17, S'21 (Football, Basketball)

John D. Kelly C'15 (Football)
Dom Greco (Boxing Coach)

Wally Opekun (Football, Baseball, Cross Country Coach)

John Chapman P'18, C'22 (Baseball, Basketball, Football)
Dr. Frank Kennedy P'30, C'34 (Football)
Dr. Thomas Dowd C'33 (Baseball, Football)

1933 Men's Basketball Team

Pete Kuhn C'62 (Soccer)
Francis "Pete" Clark C'50 (Basketball)

Dr. Edward Edelen P'29, C'33 (Baseball, Football)
Bill Walsh C'67 (Track and Field)
Art "Reds" Malloy P'09, C'13 (Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Coach)
Dr. Ed Ryscavage C'30 (Baseball, Football)

Jerome Ryscavage C'31 (Baseball, Basketball, Football)

Edward "Bud" McGarrigan C'30 (Baseball, Basketball)
Msgr. Thomas Grodavent C'41, S'45 (Basketball, Golf) 
Jack Sullivan C'57 (Basketball)

Larry Johnson P'21, C'25 (Baseball, Basketball, Football)
Len Farmer C'35 (Football)
1962 Men's Basketball Team

Fred Carter C'69 (Basketball) 
Ken Swomley C'66 (Soccer, Track and Field)
Dan Costello P'10, C'14 (Baseball, Basketball)

Dan Hart P'20, C'24 (Basketball)
Sal Angelo C'55 (Basketball)
Tom Neidhart C'65 (Cross Country, Track and Field)

Rev. James Connolly P'02, C'06, S'09 (Baseball)
Dick Swomley C'64 (Soccer)
Luis Grillo C'70 (Basketball)

Anthony Ambush C'73 (Track and Field)

Charlie Reilly C'36 (Baseball, Basketball, Football)
Edward Kenna C' 1898 (Baseball, Football)

Bill Stanley C'56 (Basketball)
Barry Stebbins C'77 (Soccer, Track and Field)
Joe Engel C'11 (Baseball)
Jerry Savage C'61 (Basketball)

Jerry Bohlinger C'59 (Basketball, Track and Field)
Bob Riley C'70 (Basketball)
1969 Men's 4x400m Relay Team
Vince Hopkins C'35 (Basketball, Football)

Dr. John Dillon, Jr. (Athletics Director, President)
Robert Stevens C'40 (Baseball, Football)
Robert Warnock C'68 (Baseball)
John Novey C'71 (Men's Basketball)
Michael Cataline C'76 (Men's Basketball)

Bob Sutor C'69 (Basketball)
Tom Delmoor C'79 (Track and Field)
Dave Burns C'80 (Lacrosse)
Virginia O'Donnell Cole C'80 (Tennis)

Peter Johnston C'67 (Basketball)
Becky Lovett C'81 (Basketball)
Bill Sullivan C'36 (Baseball, Football)
Al Thomas C'39 (Baseball, Football)

Jim Phelan (Basketball Coach, Athletics Director)
Jim Deegan (Soccer Coach, Track and Field Coach)

Mary Matheson C'79 (Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball)
Gudmund Olsen C'82 (Track and Field)
Trond Skramstad C'83 (Track and Field)

Thea Ackerman C'83 (Track and Field)

Brian Barry C'76 (Lacrosse)
Joseph Karpinski C'40 (Baseball, Basketball)
Durelle Lewis C'82 (Basketball)
Steven Rossignoli C'81 (Basketball)
James Rowe C'81 (Basketball)

Arthur Haddad C'72 (Baseball)
James Murphy, M.D. C'60 (Track and Field, Cross Country)
Jeffrey White C'83 (Track & Field)

Joe Lee C'43 (Baseball)
Tom Mastromarino C'82 (Tennis)
Bob Stebbins C'82 (Track and Field)
D.J. Stevenson C'85 (Lacrosse)

Joe Asip C'42 (Football)
Paul Edwards C'86 (Basketball)
Karla Green Nabors C'84 (Basketball)

Robert Ekpete C'86 (Track and Field)
Mike McCarthy C'62 (Tennis)

Mark Martin C'78 (Track and Field)
William Williams C'58 (Basketball)
William O'Connor C'42 (Football)
Randy Kilgore (Lacrosse Coach)

Christine Anderson Curley C'83 (Track and Field)
Rev. James Delaney C'57 (Basketball Coach)
Richard Dohler C'69 (Basketball)
William Harkins C'42 (Basketball)
Mark Landis C'78 (Soccer, Track and Field)
Joseph Reedy C'84 (Basketball)

Robert Barnett C'75 (Lacrosse)
Robert Deegan C'82 (Lacrosse, Soccer)
Darryle Edwards C'85 (Basketball)
Rev. James Forker C'56, S'60 (Service to Athletics Program)
John Tallarido C'82 (Soccer)

Dana Kimmel C'69 (Baseball, Soccer)
John McKee C'65 (Track and Field, Cross Country)
Carlos O'Connell C'86 (Track and Field)
Peter Rono C'92 (Track and Field, Cross Country)
Thomas Ryan C'63 (Baseball Coach, Service to Athletics Program)

Jennifer Dougherty C'83 (Field Hockey)
Lisa Green Edwards C'87 (Basketball)
Luke Fannon C'61 (Baseball, Track and Field)
Michael Pearson C'79 (Basketball)
Mark Scallion C'87 (Basketball)

Duncan Bossle C'62 (Soccer, Track and Field)
Shaun Jackson C'87 (Basketball)
Richard Kidwell C'76 (Basketball)
William Sheahan (Basketball Coach)
Gregory Tolker C'88 (Lacrosse)

George Proferes C'56 (Baseball)
Bernadine Bocus C'86 (Basketball)

Christine Larsen C'87 (Track and Field)
Lawrence Howley C'88 (Soccer)
Zena Edwards Lutz C'89 (Basketball, Softball)
Teresa Horstmann Otterbein C'89 (Tennis)

Ron Banks C'77 (Track)
Al Fernandez C'83 (Soccer)
Dave Lishebo C'88 (Track)
Matt Mundorf C'89 (Lacrosse)

Mike Tate C'89 (Basketball)

Paul Clark C'54 (Basketball)
Michelle Dixon C'87 (Track and Field)
Knut Gundersen C'88 (Track and Field)

Kim Rhock C'90 (Basketball)
Thomas "Woody" Stoner C'62 (Baseball, Soccer)

Vanessa Blair C'92 (Basketball)
Kevin Booth C'92 (Basketball)
William "Spence" Jeffries C'77 (Lacrosse)
Athanosios "Tony" Pasiakos C'71 (Soccer)

Bronwyn Williams C'92 (Tennis)

Tracy Bradson Fagan C'89 (Basketball)
Laurie Smith Earnst C'92 (Track)
Charlie Horning C'93 (Lacrosse)
Rob Pendergist C'93 (Track)

Don Barry C'91 (Soccer)
Ward Clarke C'54 (Baseball)
Dennis Shuck C'58 (Baseball)

Susan Janowiak C'81 (Track, Basketball)
Susan Rowlyk C'95 (Basketball)
Francis Smith C'56 (Basketball)
James Stevenson C'95 (Track)
Michael Watson C'95 (Basketball)

Ed Kuhn C'63 (Track, Service to Athletics Program)
Brad Hiester C'91 (Soccer)
Greg Goles C'94 (Soccer, Lacrosse)
Chris McGuthrie C'96 (Basketball)

Amy Langville C'97 (Women's Basketball)
Dennis Toomey C'81 (Men's Golf)
1981 Men's Basketball Team

John O'Brien Clarke C'65 (Track)
Jaeho Brian Song C'84 (Soccer)
Michael Grimes C'88 (Basketball)

Rebeccah Wassner C'97 (Track)

J. Patrick Fick C'97 (Men's Lacrosse)

Michael McNulty C'90 (Lacrosse)
Heather Moul Kitching C'98 (Track)

Jen Stocker Buckles C'98 (Lacrosse)

John Walsh C'58 (Baseball)

Crystal Woodard C'83 (Basketball)

Rob Herb C'78 (Men's Lacrosse)
Megan Gardiner C'00 (Women's Basketball)
Mark Southern C'98 (Men's Soccer)
Gregory Harris C'00 (Men's Basketball)
Will Vanjonack C'99 (Baseball)

Roland Miller C'98 (Men's Lacrosse)
Dave Swomley C'74 (Track & Field/Soccer)
Brian Wall C'98 (Men's Soccer)
Kia Williams C'01 (Women's Basketball)

Christy Wicks Casler C'98 (Women's Soccer)
Nicole Schroyer Gehret C'97 (Women's Basketball)
Riley Inge C'98 (Men's Basketball)
Theodore Kachnowski C'53 (Men's Basketball)
Matt Moran C'96 (Men's Lacrosse)
Alex Watson C'91 (Men's Basketball)

Sean Elder (Men's Lacrosse)
Frank "Jay" Kalis C'69 (Baseball)
John Moore C'88 (Men's Basketball)
Heather Wable Dewees C'95 (Women's Basketball)

Stephan Ricker C'00 (Men's Lacrosse)
Kim Keene Christensen C'04 (Women's Lacrosse)

Christopher Fallon C'76 (Baseball)
Michael Kuhn C'91 (Soccer)
Thomas Muth C'89 (Soccer)
Naomi Campano Radio C'04 (Lacrosse)
Nicole Trumpler C'99 (Soccer & Softball)

Amy DeBor C'98 (Cross Country and Track)
Erin LaMotte C'05 (Women's Lacrosse)
Steve Long C'86 (Track & Field)
Terence McNulty C'87 (Men's Lacrosse)
Josh Warfield C'03 (Men's Lacrosse)

Nick DeFelice C'01 (Men's Lacrosse)
Dustin Pease C'07 (Baseball)
Eric Smith C'07 (Baseball)
Mandy Jenkins C'07 (Track & Field)

Bryan Cole C'01 (Men's Lacrosse)
Beth Foster C'04 (Women's Basketball)
Mychal Kearse C'07 (Men's Basketball)
Aaron Price C'98 (Track & Field)
Josh Vittek C'08 (Baseball)