Three Mount St. Mary's Teams Recognized For Exceptional Academic Performance By NCAA

Three Mount St. Mary's Teams Recognized For Exceptional Academic Performance By NCAA

EMMITSBURG, Md. - The NCAA has honored 40 Northeast Conference (NEC) teams from the 954 across the nation with public recognition awards for exceptional academic performance. These awards are presented each year to teams scoring in the top 10 percent in each sport with respect to their Academic Progress Rates (APRs). Mount St. Mary's University had its baseball, men's tennis and women's cross country teams named among the NEC's 40 squads.

"The Northeast Conference strongly values the academic success of our student-athletes, and this record-breaking achievement clearly demonstrates the high level of dedication and commitment our student-athletes, coaches and administrators place on their educational mission," said Noreen Morris, NEC Commissioner. "I congratulate all 40 NEC teams that received the NCAA Public Recognition Award.  It's a fantastic tribute to the respective athletic departments and institutions."

Each year, the NCAA tracks the classroom performance of student-athletes on every Division I team through the annual scorecard of academic achievement, known as APR. The score measures eligibility and retention each semester or quarter and provides a clear picture of the academic culture in each sport. The most recent APRs are multi-year rates based on scores from the 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 academic years.

The NCAA honors selected Division I sports teams by publicly recognizing their latest multi-year APR. The announcement is part of the overall Division I academic reform effort and is intended to highlight teams that demonstrate a commitment to academic progress and retention of student-athletes by achieving the top APRs within their respective sports.

The 954 teams publicly recognized this year for high achievement include 560 women's teams and 394 men's or mixed squads. A total of 263 schools, out of 347 Division I colleges and universities, placed at least one team on the top APR list. Last year, 909 teams were honored.

Top-performing teams this year posted APR scores ranging from 978 to a perfect 1,000.

"These teams prove that it is possible to not only balance academic and athletic commitment, as most student-athletes do; but to exceed standards and post outstanding academic scores," NCAA President Mark Emmert said. "The drive and determination shown in the classroom and on the field by these men and women represent what it means to be an NCAA student-athlete."

Multi-year APRs for all Division I sports teams will be announced on June 20.

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