Mount St. Mary's Strength and Conditioning


It is the mission of the Mount St. Mary's Strength and Conditioning program to:

  1. Prevent Injuries
  2. Enhance Sport Performance
  3. Develop Mental and Physical toughness

To be a high-level athlete in the modern culture of sport demands a consistent and passionate effort in preparation.  Competitions are an opportunity to display athleticism and mastery of sport specific techniques often times with the stronger and more explosive individual or team winning.  The Strength and Conditioning program is designed to take advantage of modern advances in the Exercise Sciences combined with discipline and hard work to produce a better athlete.  The Strength and Conditioning coaches provide a program to guide each individual to become better suited to meet and exceed the mental and physical demands of competition; it is the student-athletes responsibility to train with focus, energy and a relentless pursuit of excellence to accomplish the ultimate goal of being a Champion.

The Strength and Conditioning program supports the missions of both the University and Athletic Department while also adhering to the guidelines of our certifying bodies: the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association.

The Strength and Conditioning program at Mount St. Mary’s University accomplishes its objectives by implanting a multi-faceted program to increase sport performance.  We utilize means and methods from a variety of backgrounds: Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Plyometrics to name a few. 


1. Be on time and be ready for each Strength and Conditioning session.  Always let us know in advance if you are going be late or absent. 

2. Only Mount Saint Mary’s University apparel or plain t-shirts and shorts can be worn.     

3. Always wear athletic shoes that are laced up. No sandals or street shoes allowed and all shoes must be clean. Athletic shoes covering the entire foot must be worn at all times. Open-toed and backless shoes are not permitted.

4. Always wear a t-shirt.  No tank tops permitted; no bare back athletes allowed. Workout clothes that fully cover the chest and back must be worn.  Shirts are required at all times.  Jeans and jewelry are not permitted.

5. Nothing allowed in the mouth that could cause choking during the workouts. i.e. ice and gum.

6. No food or beverage is permitted in the Strength & Conditioning area. ONLY WATER IN PLASTIC BOTTLES IS ALLOWED. NO GLASS.

7. Always alert staff of a preexisting injury or illness prior to the start of each Strength & Conditioning session or full participation of the session will be expected with no modifications.

8. Always properly re-rack weights, bars, and dumbbells and replace equipment after each use. 

9. Never lean plates against walls, mirrors, racks, platforms, or machines, etc.   Do not put plates on the ground for any reason. If plates are not on a bar, they should be on a rack.

10. Stay out of Strength & Conditioning Coaches area, unless told to by a Strength & Conditioning Professional.

11. Remove all dirt and grass from shoes before entering the weight roo;, tracking in dirt and mud will not be tolerated.

12. Do not execute any lift, stretch, or drills in the hallway unless told otherwise by a Strength & Conditioning Professional.  Use the field house for open space when needed.

13. No spitting on the weight room floor or walls.

14. All Strength Training equipment must stay in its original location. Moving equipment is not permitted.

15. Abuse of property (slamming weight stacks, dropping weights to the floor, etc.) and verbal or physical abuse of participants or staff will not be tolerated.  Violators will be asked to leave the facility immediately and are subject to Disciplinary Actions through the Athletics Department and University.

16. Be excited and enthusiastic about Strength & Conditioning; this is an opportunity for you to improve as an athlete. This does not mean distract your teammates with horse play.

17. Always focus on the task at hand and focus on the details of each lift.  Master the basics, build your foundation.

18. Finish every repetition of every set. Don’t cheat yourself, your team, or your University.

19. Give 100% effort during each Strength & Conditioning session; laziness is not tolerated!

20. Make a conscious effort to improve every Strength & Conditioning session. 

The Strength and Conditioning Staff is here to help you develop as an athlete.
Work hard and do not waste our time.
Be professional, courteous, and respectful in your dealings with the Strength and Conditioning staff.




You can't be a BIG TIME player on PART TIME work

Greatness is hard to develop and easy to lose; hold yourself and your teammates to high standards.  What you do and how you act on a daily basis will mold how you perform on days of competition.  If you are unable to give everything you have in preparation, how will you give everything you have in competition?  Do not rely on adrenaline; know your preparation will take you where you want to go.

Tempo is urgent; there is no time to sit down.  Time efficiency is crucial to success.  You and your opponent have the same amount of time to prepare for competition; those who win are more efficient in their preparation.

Attention to detail; perform the proper number of repetitions with the level of resistance prescribed.  If you can’t follow simple directions, show up on time and follow a posted workout, how will you implement complex game plans in hostile environments?

Challenge yourself; to improve any physical or mental attribute you must consistently attempt to perform at a higher level.  Add weight to the bar, increase the speed of the bar, improve running times; create a dynamic and explosive mindset focused on long term success.

Finish the drill; stand up straight during conditioning, don’t show fatigue.  Improving your level of mental toughness starts between the ears.  Condition your mind to defeat every impulse to quit; view challenges as opportunities for growth.



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